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2222 Connected - How we learned to understand chaos theory.

There it is again: the feeling of boundlessness – the great freedom that simultaneously means total connectedness. The expansion of this state is incredibly fascinating.

To know everything, to understand every feeling, to know every smell. It sounds grandiose, and it is. We are able to use this unique state properly since we have taken fundamental personal responsibility and learned permanent empathy.

As a result, it is child’s play to make telepathically far-reaching decisions with our own core group. These are based on the balanced verified world knowledge updated every second. Of course, we make the decisions with the involvement of all seven senses. Our self-developed, individually adapted coregroup algorithms provide us with complex basic information for this purpose. The 5th technology leap has enabled us to finally cross our gene pool safely with bits and bytes – thanks to Cripr-CAS. Our analytical capabilities experienced the necessary quantum leap as a result.

Life is so fantastically complex. And precisely because of this, infinitely colorful, diverse and exciting. And despite all the developments, confusions and turmoil, one thing always remains the same: everything changes continuously and yet always wants to be designed to fit the situation.


Johanna Tiffe
Inhaberin, CEO, form:f - critical design & art