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What if 2222 the simultaneity of freedom and security were established?

Freedom and security are values enshrined in our current Basic Law. Each generation renegotiates the balance between the two poles, each on the basis of its own history, possibilities and framework conditions. Today, we view social norms and personal rights fundamentally differently than we did 70, 50 or 30 years ago.

Today, the translation of these values into actual actions is in many cases in the hands of mechanisms and bodies that are difficult to comprehend.

Designers:inside design 2222 not only the things and services of the material world, but are also and especially the design partners of the social steering forces. The socially anchored 360° design approach has developed strategies and solution patterns with which the rights of each individual can be harmonized with the requirements of society and translated into social norms and rules that resolve seemingly insurmountable contradictions even today.

For this purpose, designers use technologies of AI-supported world simulation as well as tools for real-time management of massively parallelized design processes. In this highly automated design environment, designers have the role of evaluating the infinitely possible paths with intuition and empathy between reality and vision and of shaping them for application.


Stefan Lippert
UP Designstudio