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What if we teach values and not knowledge in 2222?

I’m always digging: whether I’m rocking in the vegetable garden or ergonomically designing the handle of the spade to suit the new digging technique – both activities are part of my life. Some of it is a hassle, most of it I enjoy doing, even if it is a hassle. Like getting up and sleeping according to one’s own needs, productive, productive activity is part of life (poiesis). On a par with being with one’s own and other children, with older and younger people, neighbours, friends, like-minded people … Being with and for others is the centre of human activity (praxis).

In this activity, everyone can be active at any time, shaping, productive, supporting and also reflecting or researching (theoria?). They do this when and how they can and want to, according to their own capacity or how they are needed. Phases of even heavier workloads are followed by phases of satisfaction with performance. There is no point in time at which being active would suddenly be considered less valuable.

People who like to make a specific effort to design human living environments, interactions and their things might call themselves designers. While they are engaged in this, developing their skills in each and every action, children, young people and others can witness and learn from them. If they wish, they can soon join in – and continue.


Manja Unger-B├╝ttner,
Designphilosophin und Technikethikerin