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What if the frontiers of mobility of the future were not only fun, but also energy-positive and resource-neutral?

In 2222, mobility generates energy through movement and gravity. Vehicles move bundled in high-speed magistrals and can be used individually via flexible modules in peripheral zones.

Mobility is demand-driven and freely available.

Locomotion takes place in all different media, on land, water and air, but also in a vacuum in capsules, with innovative and resource-saving drives.

There is a free choice of means of locomotion, either pleasurable, sporty or goal-oriented to get from A to B. Traffic and logistics are highly efficiently controlled digitally in swarm intelligence, coordinated globally and combined.

Designers shape the quality of the mobility dimensions: Time and speed, energy and emotions, safety and freedom.

The focus is on social interactions in full connectivity and global integration of the needs of nature and society.


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