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What if the unity of nature-humanity were the focus in 2222?

The highest of the worldwide human family in 2222 is the internationally accepted appreciation towards nature in its entirety. The dignity of nature in its equal unity of animate, inanimate nature in the entire universe and of man is inviolable. Every living being, whether human, animal or plant, has the right to clean water, clean air and healthy food.

As an equal being of nature, man devotes himself after his 4-hour working day to the training of his own natural intelligence, to the care and nurturing of animate and inanimate nature. The aim is to transcend human limits, to train self-responsibility and to maintain the natural balance. The earth guest human being lives communally in green cities, serving nature, similar to an apple tree that gives its fruit freely.

Creatives and designers in 2222 shape ideal values, tell stories and motivate others. They inspire for the unity of nature, transport old knowledge and traditional skills. They are fascinated by new technologies within the full cycle systems.


Dr. Sybs Bauer
VDID Vorsitzende Nord