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What if we teach values and not knowledge in 2222?

In the future, information will be ubiquitous. The generation and dissemination of knowledge will become secondary. Artificial intelligence will support us in learning and make knowledge available to us. The question is no longer what we know. The world’s knowledge is available for everyone to retrieve. The focus of lifelong learning is shifting to the conscientious networking of facts and experiences. The diversity of information that has grown over centuries and the values of experience and wisdom that have been stored over generations demand that we deal conscientiously with this knowledge of the world as a central element of our new focus. Our lifelong learning will be concerned with inferring the correct interpretations for our and future generations from these diverse definitions of information and concepts.

Designers will create new knowledge methodologies that guide us through world knowledge and allow us to make self-reflective decisions. In the social canon of values, one’s own intuition is constantly being readjusted and shaped in a self-determined way. Designers will shape experiential knowledge and give it three-dimensional forms so that the implicit knowledge of active action in interaction is not lost. Designers will create cultural goods, through whose daily use in dealing with society, animals and nature, our value systems will be corrected, focussed and aligned in an application-related way.


Frederike Kintscher-Schmidt
VDID Vizepräsidentin & Projektleiterin