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A utopian world is fully connected.

A utopian world is fully connected.

How can a positive utopia throughout fundamental connectivity and connectedness look like?

Let’s imagine a complete and circular connectedness via various channels: cables, wires, veins, roots, tentacles…

However: Presumably our way of thinking, feeling, and being will change completely. The ways are hard to imaging since the emerging digital world is only roughly developed. Let’s take this great opportunity to shape a

future, which is connected in a contributive, sustainable, common way with the help of colorful narratives.

For example, Connectivity enables a fundamental understanding of the planet, its processes, structures, and beings. With fully developed senses enforced also but not only throughout technology, we live within and with a balanced nature.

Where do you want to go?

Free access to connectivity is a fundamental right.

All knowledge in our hands, any time, anywhere. We can reach out for any digital consultant as Avartopia.

Individual data is private property and value.

Use, distribution and storage of my data belong to my privacy.

Everything is linked information.

Everyone can access all public places in the world, and has free access to art and culture. We can jump into the past and into the future.

Human connectivity and communication have priority.

Respect for living beings is the basics of our communication.

We are citizens of the world,

Feelings and emotions are understood – our spirits are fully developed.

Communication creates ressources.

Computing operation and connectivity generates circular energy.

We live in various virtual utopias.

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