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Utopia is learning from and by nature

Utopia is learning from and by nature


creative and playful learning of skill & knowledge

teaching is transformation

interdisciplinary teams, researchers, educators and networks - teachers become facilitators to support individual learning goals and progresses, instructive and constructive learning methods are applied matching to the individual learners

the community is creating diverse educational networks

regarding ethnicity, sex, gender, religious beliefs, ability, age, social and economic background

communication based on self-reflection and self-responsibility outcome-orientated culture of debate embracing controversy

nature based intelligence, wisdom and creativity

practical approach and learning by, with and within nature; technology and nature are not antagonists, they are complementing each other

basic education on communication, value, creativity, empathy and nature for everyone

supported and followed by a modular curriculum composed by and with the individual → lifelong learning

inclusion and highly appreciated time for idleness, surrender, consciousness, muse, joy and fun

learning landscapes support social interaction and concentration

and offer access to rich media and user-centered learning materials from which the learner can choose

technological facilitators like artificial intelligence support the learners with hints and suitable media

rating systems like grades and rating itself are reevaluated

key competences outweighs performance. Communication and rating is value orientated

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