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Let's dream and create our future

Let's dream and create our future

Nothing will change for the better - unless we do it!

Call to action.

The possible futures are innumerable. Only one of them will turn out to be reality. It is our task and duty to setting the coordinates, heading for the most beautiful future we can imagine.

These days, when a child is naming our industrial economy a naked king and calls for drastic change, the European society arrives at the doorstep to the postindustrial phase. Seeing this, the European Commission initiated the “New European Bauhaus” to take off and to outline the desirable Utopias for Mankind. To make them tangible, valuable and lovable.

As a part of the “New European Bauhaus”, it is the task of all designers, design thinkers and design doers, to find the path to the most desirable future and setting up the signposts for the society to follow.

Imagine, which future do you want?

Let´s dive into our UTOPIA...

In the spirit of the initiative “The New European Bauhaus”, we use our know-how to promote creativity and a sustainable way of life desirable and accessible to all. We invite everyone to participate in workshops, open discussions and expert talks.

We talk with interested parties, as well as individuals about ideas for the future, make them appear designable and support the creative self-efficacy of the participants:

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We are VDID

The VDID (Verband Deutscher Industrie Designer e.V.) is the Association of professional German Industrial Designers and is the central interface between design, politics and business, it promotes an understanding of design and stands for the value that design provides for the progress of society, business and culture. With its members and broad network the VDID is involved in generating a livable, fair and climate-neutral future.

The association is a member of the German umbrella organization Deutscher Designtag e.V. (German Designday) and engaged in the Deutscher Kulturrat e.V.(German Cultural Council) and the european umbrella organization BEDA – The Bureau of European Design Associations.

Design is the solvent

Designers transfer ideas into pictures, visions, products or systems, combine needs and desires of all users, with possibilities of means and production.

“Design is amazingly difficult, but I also believe that it’s the highest form of human creativity that there is.”
Paola Antonelli
Curator MOMA
©2021 VDID e.V. This challenge is proposed by the Association of German Industrial Designer – VDID, Verband Deutscher Industrie Designer, member of Deutscher Designtag e.V. with support of BEDA – The Bureau of European Design Associations.